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Chic Black Tattoo Ink

Chic Tattoo Products Company

Black Tattoo Chic Ink

The Chic Black Tattoo Ink has been developed with the very advanced micro technology. This ink contains Titanium Oxide micro particles and Glycerin micro particles with a special formulation.



Experimental Results for Chic Tattoo Inks:

Several experiments were carried out to prepare these micro particles.
Many scans were taken. And the results of the experiments showed our success for the optimal combination of these two micro particles.


Two-phase fusion forming micro particles. The skin around the eye is such that the permeability of the ink in this area is difficult. But Chic black tattoo ink micro particles easily penetrate the tissue. And is the special ink for the permanent make-up of the eyeliner. Because of this, it is a special for eyes. For body tattoos it is also excellent because of its high permeability.



Aqua, Glycerin, Isopropyl – Alcohol, Distilled water, Cosmetic Color Titanium Oxide.


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